Offering Life-Changing CRM Marketing Solutions is Easy is the Award-Winning Product CRM Marketing Software solution that makes managing business easy, secure and painless for small and medium businesses around the world. Discover how you can partner with ClinicSoftware.coom to deliver real, true value to businesses and earn money lucrative rewards for yours.


Affiliate Partner Program

Extra Benefits
As a Affiliate or Partner, you’ll enjoy lucrative compensation for every trial and upgrade you sell. You can count on dedicated account management, 1:1 training and advertising support to make selling easy like a breeze.

As a Affiliate

Great Rewards
You plan to sell between 49 and 250 subscriptions each year and are comfortable purchasing subscriptions up front at a discounted MSRP (Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price). When you resell them for market value price you’ll realise a good profit on each one you sell.

Affiliate Partners Earn All the Benefits

of a Standard Partner Plus:


Your own account manager and 1:1 training on how to leverage the partner program using more strategies, branding and influencers in the industry.


Access to webinars, training and additional marketing communications and materials like email newsletters. Plus, you’ll be included in sponsored events as well.


Support in planning and optimising your program and your company when you need.

As a Partner

You Can Count On:

A Team That’s always in Your Corner

A dedicated team, a mix of passion and talent committed to your success and invested in ensuring your partnership with is successful.

Industry Leading High Incentives


Industry-leading instant cash incentives for every referral you make or the ability to offer discounts if you choose to be a Affiliate .

An Award-Winning Software Loved By Thousands

The satisfaction of knowing you’re genuinely helping business owners thrive by offering an award-winning crm software solution.


Become a Reseller Partner / As a Reseller Partner UP TO 25% Off MRSP


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